they won’t ask where we were

for the so many women who are incarcerated for fighting back to protect their lives and their children’s lives
we have to ask
where we were
when whatever happened,
that they had to make that choice

we have to ask that question because that’s not the question they are asking
in a court of law
they’ll ask where was she
they’ll ask if she was a good girl (otherwise)
how long she took it for
they’ll ask whether it was bad enough
get out a ruler and measure the inches she was to the edge of the cliff
they’ll look over at the rocks and dust kicked over the edge in the struggle and consider
how far down it is
she probably would have survived, they might say
she could have taken it a little longer

and maybe they’ll keep her in a cage
which is where they keep fierce life-loving freedom-fighting women
in worlds where they don’t  think
we should all get
to be safe and free

*This poem is inspired by my friend whose first day of trial was today. However, it is completely fictional and the “she” in the poem (obviously) is used generically and metaphorically. 

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